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Chelate Amin

2kg / 160~230㎡, 10kg / 660~1300㎡


product features

Containing high content of chelated calcium, it can help prevent calcium deficiency.
Containing high content of chelated magnesium, it can help prevent magnesium deficiency.
In addition to chelated calcium, it contains high concentrations of various natural trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, and sulfur, which can help prevent deficiency of trace elements and promote healthy growth.
It can help improve soil with 100% chelate and containing elvan and germanium.
Containing high content of chelated boron, it can help prevent boron deficiency especially in kimchi vegetables.
Containing high content of chelated zinc and trace elements, it promotes flower bud differentiation and flowering.
Containing high-content chelate, it can help improve the environment of the root zone of ginseng and bulbs, such as hypertrophy of bulbs.