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Chelate Speed Zinc

10kg / 1300~1990㎡


product features

Zinc is a necessary product for the formation of chlorophyll or the in vivo synthesis of growth hormone.
It increases resistance to crop diseases and is manufactured in granular form, enabling continuous supply of zinc from early to late stages of growth.
It promotes root formation in the early stages of growth.
With 100% chelate and containing elvan and germanium, it can help improve soil and help menstrual disorders caused by far-infrared radiation.
Containing high content of chelated boron, it can help prevent boron deficiency especially in kimchi vegetables.
Containing high content of chelated zinc and trace elements, it promotes flower bud differentiation and flowering.
Containing high-content chelate, it can help improve the environment of the root zone of ginseng and bulbs, such as hypertrophy of bulbs.
With the addition of high-content chelate amino acids, it can help maintain stable and balanced growth in the early, middle, and late stages.