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(Wettable Powder) 60g / 180L, (Granule) 300g / 100㎡, 1kg / 330㎡

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Metarhizium anisopliae FT83 (KACC93186P) is a fungus that grows on insect host cuticles. It is a fungus that grows naturally in soils around the world and acts as a parasite, causing disease to a variety of pests.

Trichoderma atroviride NB077 is a phytopathogenic by-product bactericidal fungus isolated from the frozen region of Alaska. Some parasitic on fungi, and inhibit the growth of other filamentous fungi through antibiotic production or nutrient binding. In particular, it has excellent inhibitory power against leaf blight, wilt, constricted blight, fallen leaf blight, and kidney disease. And this strain is effective for soil improvement by dissolving nutrients and fertilizers in the soil, helps root growth, and strengthens systemic resistance of plants.