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Hikari Gold

100ml / 90~180L, 300ml / 270~450L, 1L / 900~1800L

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product features

Among the ingredients, a large amount of organic carbon generated during the long-term fermentation and ripening process increases the amount of organic carbon absorbed by soil and crops, so that microorganisms can proliferate in large quantities, resulting in the same effect as slash-and-burn farming.
It is a plant active liquid obtained by long-term aging and fermentation of grains, fruits, fermented sweet potatoes, soju, etc., and contains various kinds of minerals. Indicates the effect of increase, quality improvement, etc.
The photosynthetic catalyst component (nano idealized titanium), which is different from general enzymes, is combined with organic carbon and is completely absorbed by crops, so it is effective in promoting photosynthesis ability even when there is a lack of sunlight.