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300ml / 270L, 500ml / 450L


product features

Chlorophyll production by supplementing natural concentrated ion magnesium with gonodo for healing menstrual disorders or magnesium deficiency symptoms. It can help improve photosynthetic ability and relieve physiological disorders.
It can help prevent and heal calcium deficiency such as navel rot, shoulder drop, wind and sore disease caused by rapid absorption of high-concentration ion calcium.
20 kinds of amino acids and 30 kinds of minerals, vitamins organic nucleic acid calcium, magnesium. About 60 kinds of hormones and physiologically active substances are quickly absorbed in an ionic state, so it can help the growth and balanced growth of crops.
Due to the action of various organic nucleic acid extracts, the effect of stimulating growth points located on the roots and stems is excellent, so it can help promote thin root growth, root establishment, flowering promotion, elongation, fruit enlargement, and coloring.