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Nano Cals

300ml / 270L, 500ml / 450L


product features

liquid silicate
Rapid penetration of ultrafine silicate ions promotes silicification of cell membranes and hardens tissues to help improve disease resistance and insect resistance.
Stems and leaves become strong and can help prevent lodging.
It can help with strong balanced growth by increasing photosynthesis, promoting substance retention, and inhibiting leaf aging.
It can help greatly increase the yield by increasing the fruiting rate by suppressing excessive nitrogen metabolism and excellent fruit drop prevention effect.
nucleic acid penetrating calcium
Rapid absorption of 10 types of natural calcium nucleic acid extracted from coral seaweed can help to rapidly activate the growth of crops.
Since a high amount of ultra-fine calcium is quickly absorbed by crops, it can help prevent calcium deficiency such as belly rot, shoulder rot, water cold, and windy.
It can help reduce crop damage by rapidly and strongly strengthening cell membranes through interaction with silicate ions.
It can help to rapidly neutralize harmful substances in tissues generated by liquid damage or gas damage caused by pesticides.