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Environmentally Safe

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Non-Stop Deformer

250ml / 450~900L

product features

It has a strong dispersion and penetration effect by dissolving and penetrating the wax layer and cuticle layer of the leaf surface.
It decomposes the cell wall of pathogens or the chitin layer, which is a component of the insect’s outer shell, to promote the penetration of pesticides, thereby helping to increase the potency of the drug.
It not only helps the absorption of nutrients, but also promotes the flow of nutrients within the crop, helping to prevent and recover from physiological disorders in crops.
It can help with strong medicinal effects even in flowers, crops, and field crops that require high drug adhesion.
When drenched, it can help to maximize the activation of soil microorganisms and the activation of drainage in habitually flooded ponds.
A wide range of chemicals can be mixed (insecticides, fungicides, mites, herbicides, etc.).