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Thrips Stop

(Wettable Powder) 10g / 18~36L, 60g / 180L, (Granule) 300g / 100㎡, 1kg / 330㎡


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product features

The hyphae of the entomopathogenic fungus Lecanicillium attenuatum NB239 (KCTC18652P) invade and kill thrips pupae. Chitin, protein, and lipid degrading enzymes produced from the mycelia of the insect pathogenic fungus (Lecanicillium attenuatum NB239 (KCTC18652P)) perforate the epidermis of the thrips pupae, and secrete Bassinolide insect pathogenic toxin therein while spreading and proliferating. to inhibit or kill the eclosion process from pupal to adult.

Isaria fumosorosea NB-HS01 microorganism is an international patent deposited strain owned by Nambo Co., Ltd., and is an insect pathogenic fungus of the Cordyceps family that has strong insecticidal power against insects. It is a raw material for biological insecticides with a wide host range (moths, aphids, powdery mildew, etc.). It is reported that it can be more effectively controlled than Baekgang bacillus and Pseudomonas bacillus.