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Sustainable operations

How we strive to make our operations more sustainable.

We maximize resource efficiency and minimize environmental effect.

Improving our environmental performance and sustainability benefits the entire organization.

Nambo operates in various countries and functions. Our business relies on these varied operations working together. Our operations and supply chain are focused on excellence, from product development to farm safety.

commitment to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations

In order to do this, we will concentrate on enhancing the effectiveness of our manufacturing procedures, develop and put into action site-based energy-saving programs, raise the proportion of renewable energy sources, and collaborate with our crop protection and seed suppliers to help them lower their carbon footprints through analogous measures. We will also improve our logistics and business travel even further.

Water conservation and waste prevention

Additionally, we want to cut our activities’ water and waste intensity by 20% by 2030. This will entail increasing the effectiveness of our internal processes as well as working with suppliers to make comparable gains, just like with the reductions in our carbon footprint.

In order to lessen our water footprint, we will pay special attention to minimizing water use in areas that are experiencing water scarcity, notably water used for irrigation, and we will collaborate with other organizations to create more efficient procedures or rethink our supply chain.

We will concentrate our efforts on increasing process effectiveness in order to decrease our waste footprint. Before beginning large-scale production, this is especially crucial for introducing new items and designing the manufacturing procedures. With a focus on lowering plastics and enhancing collection programs, we will look for ways to dramatically reduce the volume of packaging trash, improve the overall environmental impact of our packaging, and strive to use recyclable packaging.



improving soil health and biodiversity

In the chain of distribution for our seeds, we work to reduce soil erosion and increase biodiversity. In order to do this, we will implement strategies to increase biodiversity, such as field margins, woodlands, and beehives, while addressing soil erosion, for example, by encouraging farming methods that reduce soil disturbance and maintain continuous soil coverage.



ensuring the health and safety of people while upholding their rights

In both our internal operations and supply chain networks, we aim for fair labor practices and secure working conditions. We will keep improving our assurance programs and working with our crop protection and seed providers to assist us accomplish this. Additionally, we will pay attention to human rights and modify our assurance processes to make sure vendors follow our requirements.


deepest gratitude For farmers

Nambo’s goal is to become a pioneer in sustainable agriculture by establishing an industry-university cooperation organization in partnership with educational institutions.

sustainable carbon-neutral agriculture

We Strive To Make Our Operations More Sustainable


move forward with future development

Technology has become important more than ever.


Farmer-centric thinking is our priority

Helping farmers across the country to harvest products