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water conservation

we encourage growers to adopt conservation agriculture practices, which help farmers optimize water use.

About 70% of the fresh water in the world is used for agriculture.

Food security is severely hampered by shortages and changes in the water supply.

They interfere with farmers’ ability to cultivate crops and provide food for an expanding population by affecting growing seasons, pests, and agricultural production.

We urge farmers to embrace conservation agriculture, which helps them make the most efficient use of water, improve soil water retention, lessen runoff, and strengthen crop resistance to changing weather patterns. Through our Good Growth Plan, we gauge what is possible on farms.

Our own operations are impacted by water availability. Our production facilities are constantly looking for ways to improve water usage, particularly in areas with limited water resources. We are also making efforts to increase water efficiency in our supply chain, which accounts for the majority of our water usage.



assisting farmers with sustainable water management

To succeed, farmers need the correct equipment and expertise. Products that increase a plant’s water productivity and tolerance to heat and drought are already on the market and in development. Herbicide-based weed management reduces the amount of tillage required, leaves roots in the soil, and enhances water absorption. Planting grasses or wild flowers around fields helps preserve water in the soil and efficient irrigation systems distribute water to the roots. When combined, these methods significantly lessen water runoff and surface evaporation.



Our own activities' water optimization

By 2030, we want to use 20% less water in our activities than we did in 2016. On farms and production facilities run by us or our suppliers, we are striving to utilize water as sparingly as possible. Communities and the environment will gain from this, as well as our own operating effectiveness.


deepest gratitude For farmers

Nambo’s goal is to become a pioneer in sustainable agriculture by establishing an industry-university cooperation organization in partnership with educational institutions.

sustainable carbon-neutral agriculture

We Strive To Make Our Operations More Sustainable


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Technology has become important more than ever.


Farmer-centric thinking is our priority

Helping farmers across the country to harvest products