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Carbon-Neutral Agriculture is ultimate organic farm.

A prosperous future
for farmers

Universities and research institutes, industry-academic cooperation

Nambo Research Institute will do its best to become a company that can contribute to the affluent future of farmers as a leader in eco-friendly agriculture by forming an industry-academic cooperation with universities and research institutes.

deepest gratitude For farmers

Nambo’s goal is to become a pioneer in sustainable agriculture by establishing an industry-university cooperation organization in partnership with educational institutions.


Development of eco-friendly pest control

We are researching the development of carbon-neutral, eco-friendly pest control.


Development of fertilizer using natural materials

Using natural chemicals, we conduct research to make fertilizers.


Development of pest control microorganisms

We endeavor to create microorganisms for pest management.


Development of microbial to improve soil environment

We endeavor to develop microbial agents that will improve the soil ecosystem.

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Agriculture and farmers are the base and basis of human civilisation

despite the fact that agriculture has fallen behind due to industrialisation. Farmers and rural areas must be scientificized and developed similarly to other businesses in order to flourish. In accordance with this objective, we will invest unreservedly in infrastructure and R&D so that agriculture can flourish and produce superior goods.

Physics and Chemistry Analysis Lab

microbiological laboratory

product manufacturing laboratory

Ind.-Univ. Collaboration Research Institute

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