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“Persimmon” Product Application Method Proposal

periodeffectApplied productspecificationApplication methodmain ingredient
Deciduous period, dormant period
Soil improvement and root rot preventionPangycoma-H10㎏Spray evenly all over
Bacillus lichenufomis +
Contains Trichoderma atroviride
Microbial activation and soil aggregationluxury plus15㎏Basic cost: 40~50 pyeong
Extra: 100~300 pyeong
Organic Fertilizer + Microbe + Enzyme
Soil improvement and improvement of physical properties, promotion of crop physiological metabolic activitytriple mix10kgAll-over spray over the ribs
Seaweed + Humic Acid +
Animal Amino Acid + Yeast
Decreased damage from caterpillars
Woldongyu2ℓBefore Overwintering
Natural plant oils and trace elements
Disease resistance enhancement and sterilizationactive yellow2ℓBefore Overwintering
sulfur preparations
Calcium deficiency prevention and sterilizationActive Lime Thrif2㎏Before Overwintering
Crystalline lime sulfur mixture
Prevention of cold damageCold weather500㎖Spray 2-3 times when damage occurs and recovers
Contains high content of betaine
Soil improvement, pest preventionSJ Lime Granular Goto Fertilizer20kgall over spray
Lime, goto, amino acid organic matter
germination period, shoot growth period, flowering period
Root rooting and solving iron deficiencyroot master1ℓcross-fertilization
North Sea Seaweed Cream, Ion Calcium
Contains 30 kinds of minerals
Germination and new shoot growth promotionflyin500㎖Foliar spray every 7-15 days
glycine, threni, oligosaccharide
High-quality, high-yield, balanced growth periodLOHO(20-20-20)8㎏
Foliar fertilization: 500 to 1000 times
improve soil drainagesalt down1ℓ
Drench in case of salinity disorder or poor drainage
chelated trace elements
(iron) supply
chelated amine10㎏Basic cost: 300 pyeong
Extra: 500~600 pyeong
Contains chelated natural trace elements, calcium
Rooting, hypertrophy, cold damage, frost damage, weakness, virus damage reductioncontrol100㎖10 to 14 days after the official meal / 1 time
14-15 days apart after flowering
Spray 3-4 times
Complex Real Active Agent
Growth period, Harvest time
Hypertrophy, sugar content, storage stability enhancement, photosynthesis promotion catalystHikari Gold300㎖Every 10-20 days
Spray 2-4 times
Long-term aging and fermentation of fruits, grains, sweet potatoes, and soju by-products + nano-titanium dioxide
promote crop growthpowermin500㎖Foliar spray every 7-15 days
Contains amino acids
Prevention of shrinkage and supply of calciumNanocals500㎖Foliar spray every 7-15 days
Ionic Calcium and Liquid Silicic Acid
Paint inhibition and disease resistance enhancementjjangjjangking300㎖
Foliar spray every 7-15 days
Prevention of fruit enlargement and softness Improvement of shelf lifeBdaeking Gold500㎖Foliar spray every 7-15 days
20 kinds of amino acids, 30 kinds of vitamins,
Natural Minerals"
Coloration, sugar content enhancementcalarix1ℓFoliar spray every 7-10 days
Coloring enzymes and coloring substances
Inhibition (late) deletion and calcium supplyLOHO(8-16-24)+12Ca10kg
Irrigation treatment at intervals of 7 to 15 days
Soil grain structure formation and moisturizing effect,
Rooting, smooth root, root establishment
vitality2kgCrop growth period 4 to 5 times at intervals of 10 to 15 days
Contains gamma PGA and plant active enzymes
pest control
anthraxTanzer Breck Gold300㎖Foliar spray every 3-5 days
Garlic extract (25 mal when pesticides are mixed)
fungal diseaseFang Nano500mlFoliage treatments every 7 to 15 daysnano sulfur
powdery mildewgerm nano500mlFoliage treatments every 7 to 15 daysnano copper
powdery mildewactive gold500㎖Foliar spray every 3-5 days
naturally extracted sulfur
Grey mold disease,
powdery mildew
Coma-H300㎖Foliar spray every 3-5 days
Contains Bacillus lichenufomis + Trichoderma atroviride
Brown diseasegalbanaktan500㎖Foliar spray every 3-5 days
Brown, leaf fall prevention special agent
hey, thripsAll Catch Gold250㎖Foliar spray every 3-5 days
natural plant extract
aphidJin Catch Gold250㎖Foliar spray every 3-5 days
natural plant extract
mothsDie One Gold250㎖Foliar spray every 3-5 days
natural plant extract

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