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Red papper Granule

5kg / 660㎡

product features

When fertilizing for seedlings, it contains high content of NPK and calcium, which are high-content fast enzymes, so it can help replenish nutrients that are lacking in the middle and late stages of growth completely and quickly.
When fertilizing the soil, it can help recover from diseases such as anthrax and viruses, and supply the perfect combination of nutrients.
When fertilizing the soil, especially all elements are chelated, and the crops are perfectly absorbed without loss of nutrients, so fruit set, fruit size, and fruit color can be improved.
It can help the physiological activity of open field crops and recovery after illness. Contains high levels of chelated calcium, which may help prevent calcium deficiency.
The high content of chelated magnesium can help prevent magnesium deficiency.
In addition to chelated calcium, it contains high concentrations of various natural trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper, boric water, molybdenum, and sulfur, which can help prevent deficiency of trace elements and promote healthy growth.
Containing 10% chelated elvan and germanium, it can help improve soil and help menstrual disorders due to far-infrared radiation effect.
Containing high content of chelated boron, it can help prevent boron deficiency especially in kimjang vegetables.
Containing high content of chelated zinc and trace elements, it promotes flowering and differentiation.
Containing high-content chelate, it can help improve the environment of the root zone of bulbs such as ginseng and bulb hypertrophy.