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Taeyangcho Red Papper

200ml / 180L

product features

It is the first formulation in Korea that is complex and stabilized with phosphoric acid, calcium, vitamins, and minerals in an ionic state.
It is a state-of-the-art functional agent that realizes internal color development by inducing changes in the sugar content inside the fruit through the action of high-content oligosaccharides.
Organic Phosphoric Acid, Mineral : The action of high content organic phosphoric acid can help to increase the yield of crops, such as inhibiting painting, increasing sugar content, and enhancing coloring.
Calcium: A 100% natural extract containing a large amount of organic nucleic acid minerals and ionic calcium, which can help prevent and heal calcium deficiency such as navel rot, stone pear, watery melon, and cucumber shoulder fall.
Oligosaccharides + Vitamins: High-content oligosaccharides increase the sugar content inside the fruit to improve sugar content, as well as activate the action of anthocyanin and beta-carotene to help coloring.