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Root King

300ml / 270L, 1L / 450L, 2L / 400L (660~1300㎡)


product features

It is a special functional product that contains nutrients and antibacterial substances such as organic nucleic acids, amino acids, and chitosan in high quantities by culturing antagonistic microorganisms, lactobacillus, yongin bacteria, and lactic acid bacteria with animal protein and chitin.
It is a specialized treatment for rooting, menstrual disorders, and dye removal.
It promotes the formation of callus in tissues to quickly regenerate tissues in the wound area, and quickly decomposes substances that cause gas damage and salt damage to help convert them into solubilized nutrients.
It solubilizes insoluble phosphoric acid by containing phosphatase, a soil salt nutrient.
Containing antibacterial antagonistic microorganisms and chitosan, it can help reduce disease damage and promote growth.